During 2005, I collected water samples from six places! I did not start collecting samples until September 23 due to work on my microscope! Then the investigation was cut short on October 18 as the microscope suffered another problem! But, I essentially believe I observed most of the organisms that were in the samples! I wanted to reserve a couple of days to look for amoeba, as I had not observed any to date! It could of been due to the lateness of the season or even my admitted hurried look at the samples!

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Okay here it is! Besides my Microscope going down, the Computer has also suffered from some ill! Waves of control from Governmental Agencies no doubt!! But no matter, it will come! I am working on the Lake nearby Mud Pond! So, only go there for any results till I post otherwise!

Okay, the Video and VidCaps for the Lake near Mud Pond (Say no More) is up and finished, The Lake Near Mud Pond is up and the Lake on South Bould Campus is up! The others are still a work in Progress!!

The First sample was from Mud Lake in Boulder, Colorado!

The second sample was from a lake nearby Mud Lake! Mud Lake is not stream fed as this one is! I wanted to observe the differences!

The third sample is from a lake on the South Boulder Campus of the University of Colorado!!

The fourth sample is from Belmar Historic Park's Kountze Lake in Lakewood Colorado!

The fifth sample is from a swamp next to Kountze Lake in Belmar Park in Lakewood Colorado!

The sixth sample is from a very small body of water in Bear Creek Park Lakewood Colorado!

I have also included a page on the question of measurements and sizes of the organisms under question!

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