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Female shark learns to reproduce without males after years alone!

Disappearing Seagrass Protects Against Pathogens, Even Climate Change, Scientists Find!

Improved Semisynthetic Organism Created!!

Hydrogen Has Been Turned To Metal, And It's About To Change The World!

Dinosaurs took months to hatch out of their eggs. That may have doomed them!

Nuclear Pores Come into Sharper Focus!

The Pangenome: Are Single Reference Genomes Dead?!

New Giant, Air-Breathing Fish Discovered!

Spider Silk “Superlens” Breaks Microscopy Barrie!

Scientists Finally Have Evidence That Frigatebirds Sleep While Flying!

Natural Constraints to Species Diversification!

Study: Mitotic Cells Can Reprogram Mouse Sperm!

Researchers teleport particle of light six kilometres!

New Twist on Popular Theory for the Origin of Life on Earth!

Mass extinction has a tipping point: study

That Giant Asteroid Wasn't the Only Thing That Killed the Dinosaurs!

395 million-year-old ‘early spider’ fossil discovered!

Pear-shaped nuclei discovery challenges time travel hopes!

3.5 billion-year-old 'horribly smelly' fossil found in Australia is 'oldest ever complete example of life on Earth!

Sorry, leaves — we figured out a way to do photosynthesis better than you!

Carbon nanotubes too weak to get a space elevator off the ground!

Gravitational waves: Scientists detect second 'fantastically significant' signal!

You Don't Have to Take LSD to Hallucinate: This Fish Will Make You Trip!

Scientists Turn CO2 Into Solid Rock!

Bionic Leaf Turns Sunlight Into Liquid Fuel 10 Times Faster Than Nature!

Subluminal group velocity and dispersion of Laguerre Gauss beams in free space!

Schrödinger’s cat can be dead and alive in two places at the same time!

The basic ingredients for life have been found in a comet's atmosphere!

A new discovery "heralds the emergence of truly pan-drug resistant bacteria," researchers say.

The Surprising Importance of Stratospheric Life!

World-first scanning helium microscope looks at spider fangs and butterfly wings!

Further Evidence that Life Might Have Started with RNA!

Antibiotics From Scratch!

Life forms 'went large' a billion years ago!

A Chemical Reaction Revolutionized Farming 100 Years Ago. Now It Needs to Go

This new moth has an explosive way of fending off bats!

Robotic surgeon could stitch you up after removing your appendix!

Silk keeps fruit fresh without refrigeration!

Early Earth’s air weighed less than half of today’s atmosphere!

Becoming Acculturated. Techniques for deep dives into the microbial dark matte!!

Mysterious Eukaryote Missing Mitochondria!!

New state of water molecule discovered by federal researchers!

Spanish scientists create human sperm from mature skin cells in search for infertility solution!

Scientists Discover 'Woolly Wolf' Is Likely a New Species (PHOTOS)!

The eyes have it: solving the mystery of the ‘Tully Monster’!

Microbots can clean up polluted water!!

Metal Foam Obliterates Bullets – and That’s Just the Beginning!!

The Universe is expanding faster than the laws of physics can explain, new measurements reveal!

Mathematicians shocked to find pattern in ‘random’ prime numbers!!

Creepy New Fossil Shows the Dawn of Spiders!!

Researchers Discover Bacteria That Produces Pure Gold!

Creation of minimal cell with just the genes needed for independent life!

Modified maggots could help human wound healing!

Owning a Cat May Lead to Unexpected Rage!

New catalyst is three times better at splitting water!

Ostracods Bioluminescence!

Record-Breaking 200 Million km/h Wind Found Blasting From a Massive Black Hole!

Zika virus can be carried by more common mosquito, scientists say!

Researchers solve mystery of strange 300-million-year-old fossil!

Astronomers say they’ve found the biggest structure in the universe and they named it the BOSS!

Dinosaur-like lower leg created on bird through molecular experiment!

Could a new plastic-eating bacteria help combat this pollution scourge?

Super-fast evolving fish splitting into two species in same lake!

520 million year old fossilised nervous system found!

Scientists in Germany switch on nuclear fusion experiment

Everything you know is a lie: Earth might actually be 2 planets smashed together!

New NASA Spacecraft Will Be Propelled By Light!

Help Us Come Up with a Nickname for Young Warmonger Marco Rubio!

9,500-Year-Old Tree Found in Sweden Is The World’s Oldest Tree!

Strange New State of Hydrogen Created!

Startling new finding: 600 million years ago, a biological mishap changed everything!

The 2 most dangerous numbers in the universe are threatening the end of physics!

Scientists create world's most expensive material, valued at $145 million per gram!

Colossal star explosion detected

Chemistry: Four elements added to periodic table!

Sharks. Living inside a volcano. If this was a movie, it'd be 'Shark-cano.' But it's real!

Visible light from black holes detected for first time!

Proteins get their own periodic table!

Quantum biology continues to intrigue!

The most likely spots for life in the Milky Way!

Scientists have found a new strain of bacteria that is resistant to all antibiotics!

CSU Chemists Invent Biodegradable Polymer That’s 100% Recyclable!!

Cyber plants: Scientists create analogue, digital electronic circuits inside living flowers!

Farm and Food: The sounds of science!

Scientists develop ultra-hard glass!

New Evidence Suggests Life On Earth Began Much Earlier Than We Thoughtt!

Photons open the gateway for quantum networks!

Vast cosmic voids merge like soap bubblest!

Post-apocalyptic 'beaver' thrived after dinosaurs died!

Here’s How to Solve the xkcd Velociraptor Problem With Code!

Here is how a camera captured photos of water on Mars!

Scientists Invent a New Steel as Strong as Titanium!

Scientists discover how to trap cancer cells before they spread!

Missing Microbes Provide Clues About Asthma Risk!

This Insect Has The Only Mechanical Gears Ever Found in Nature!

Birds that flock to feeders are more likely to get sick, spread disease!

An inside-out origin for the eukaryotic cell!

'Living fossil' fish sports a lung!

Captive snake with no companion gives birth for second time!

First Warm-Blooded Fish Found!

Scientists unearth ancient, giant virus from Siberia's frozen wastelandt!

Scientists Build Case for 'Sixth Extinction' ... and Say It Could Kill Us!!

Existence of elusive molecule confirmed after more than a centuryt!

Decoding the Remarkable Algorithms of Ants!

MIT Scientists Created World’s Coldest Molecules: Used Sodium Potassium!

Face of bizarre sea creature Hallucigenia revealed

Microbiologists discover 35 new groups of bacteria in Colorado.

Researchers discover new mechanism of DNA repair!

The Only Three Heavy Elements In The Universe That Aren't Made In Stars!

Ocean-going spiders can use their legs to windsurf across water!

For the first time, filmmakers capture plankton feasting on polystyrenet!

Combined titanium and gold create first itinerant antiferromagnetic metal!

This seaweed tastes like bacon. We repeat: This seaweed tastes like bacon!

Fossil of large walking bat discovered in New Zealand reveals ancient lineage!

Rabbit virus improves bone marrow transplants, kills some cancer cells!

Rats forsake chocolate to save a drowning companion!

Self-healing technology one step closer after scientists produce aircraft wings which fix themselves!

Scientists create sperm-producing female fish by turning off a single gene!

Where Does Venom Come From?

Some bats with white-nose syndrome cured by bacteria, scientists say!

How a Cell Knows Friend From Foe!

Crocodile ancestor was top predator before dinosaurs roamed North America!!

The first ever photograph of light as both a particle and wave!

EPSRC unveils world-leading SuperSTEM microscope that sees single atoms!

Link found in how cells start process necessary for life!

Bacteria jump between species more easily than previously thought!

Competition drove these lizards to evolve big, sticky feet in just 15 years!

Scientists achieve X-ray vision with safe, visible light!

Distant species produce love child after 60 million year breakup!

Bacterial Motors Come in a Dizzying Array of Models!

Imaging single cells in a beam of live cyanobacteria with an X-ray laser!

Genes that leap from one species to another are more common than we thought. Does this shake up the tree of life?

Biological Warfare: Parasitic Wasp Uses A Virus To Control Its Host!

Tweaking Bacteria, Scientists Turn Sunlight Into Liquid Fuel!

Scientists discover organism that hasn’t evolved in more than 2 billion years!!

Picking up on the smell of evolution: Researchers discover changes that let a species drastically change its lifestyle!!

Artificial Photosynthesis for Energy Takes a Step Forward!!

Cells' powerhouses were once energy parasites: Study upends current theories of how mitochondria began!

Shattered chromosome cures woman of immune disease!!

World’s First Solar Cell Invented that Can store its Own Energy!!

Microscopy: Hasten high resolution!!

WATCH: Scientists have created a see-through eggshell to watch embryo development!!

Sea Slug Uses Gene from Algae to Live Like a Plant!!

Robots learn to use kitchen tools by watching YouTube videos!!

New Fiber Implant Will Transmit Signals and Drugs Directly into the Brain - See more at:!!

Scientists Crack the Code on How to Un-Boil a Hard-Boiled Egg!!

Never mind the selfish gene – ribosomes are the missing link!!!

Microbe found in grassy field contains powerful antibiotic!!!

The not-quite-stated, awful truth!!

'Cyborg' spinal implant could help paralysed walk again!

Man-made 'breathing' leaf is an oxygen factory for space travel!!

Bizarre Half-Male, Half-Female Butterfly Discovered!!

First detailed microscopy evidence of bacteria at the lower size limit of life!!

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