This site is asking the question of: Why Nanoparticles are no longer, in news releases and apparently research Journals, being written up as possibly toxic or that any warnings of possible dangers are not being listed recently!

What are Nanoparticles and why are they dangerous and list sites concerned with Nanotechnology!!<

A U Tube Video that explains it all on Nano Particles hazzards!

U Tube Video that explains the Potential harm that Nano particles can cause!!

Nanotechnology Now!!

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Okay, hold your horses! A new but untested product for safety is now being touted - Diamond Nanothread - Plus others that come up!<

Ultrasound Helps Release Drugs from Nanoparticles Into Brain

Could Nanotechnology End Hunger?

Nanotechnology Could Conquer Hospital-Acquired Infections!!

Nanoparticles may help treat blood cancer!!

Artificial Heart Muscles One Step Closer With Cheap, Robust Silicone Elastomer And Carbon Nanotubes!

How To Clean Your Entire Home With Nothing But Water Using This Advanced Nano-Technology

Carbon Nanotubes May Help Detect Rare Proteins And Viruses!!

Forget Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes, Get Ready for Diamond Nanothread - The discovery of a stable form of one-dimensional diamond has scientists racing to understand its properties. The first signs are that diamond nanothread will be more versatile than anyone expected!

How To Clean Your Entire Home With Nothing But Water Using This Advanced "Nano-Technology"!!

Russia Proposes Nanotechnology In Stopping Climate Change!!

Okay, there are a few recent negative articles on Nanoparticles. Will list them here. Check out the positive articles on the search engines.<

Minnesota Adds Several Nanomaterials to List of Chemicals of High Concern

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Explores Workplace Exposure to Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

Big problems with little particles?

Japanese Study Finds Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Cause Mesothelioma When Inhaled, According to Surviving Mesothelioma

New Evidence of Mesothelioma Risk from Inhaled Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes!

Nanomaterials can cause cancer, suggest studies

Carbon nanotubes found in children’s lungs for the first time!!

Indeed any recent and thorough research will show nothing but praise and applications for Nanoparticles. So, I will list past News releases and Journals that say nanoparticles are dangerous or show hazzards to a living organsim or cell. If one is to sign up on say Google for a listing of all news and Journal releases on Nanoparticles, one can receive all listings of articles with the work Nano in them! From there will will see where we go!

How safe is the world’s darkest material?

Gene Editing Made Easier, Thanks to Carbon Nanotubes!

Effects of Carbon Nanotubes Studied on Pregnant Mothers!!

Carbon Nanotubes: A New Cause of Mesothelioma?

"There's Nano in Our Food?" What You Need to Know about Nanotechnology and Food Safety!!

Nano in food and agriculture: regulations require collaboration to ensure safety - Actually a New One!!

What If Nanoparticles Are Sickening American Workers Who Don't Even Know They're Being Exposed?

Are Nanoparticles From Packaging Getting Into Your Food?

What happens to carbon nanotubes in the body after one year?

Nanoparticles Accumulate Quickly in Wetland Sediment - Aquatic food chains might be harmed by molecules "piggybacking" on carbon nanoparticle!

Lung Injury from Carbon Nanotubes Reduced With Aluminum Coating!!

Occupational Risks of Carbon Nanotubes Include Mesothelioma!

Is novelty in nanomaterials overrated when it comes to risk?

Cotton fibres instead of carbon nanotubes!

Study Finds EU Leading Way In Nantech Safety!

Carbon Nanotubes interfere with Protozoan Function!!

Carbon Nanoparticles Toxic to Adult Fruit Flies!

Iron nanoparticles can be toxic to human lung cells!

Nobody Knows What Nanoparticles Do -- Yet They Are in Your Food, Cosmetics, and Toys!

Nanotubes Boost Plant Pollutants!

Mesothelioma: Do asbestos and carbon nanotubes pose the same health risk?

Tiny worms test nanoparticles for safety!!

Nanotube Cancer Threat – Size and Shape Will Matter!!

Everything You Need To Know About Nanopesticides!!

Nanotechnology so good you can eat it. Electroednics that dissolve in the environment or are even edible are the answer to the ever-growing problem of e-waste!!

Carcinogenic Evidence Against Nanotubes Continues To Mount!!

Researchers Study How Rare-Earth Nanoparticles Trigger Inflammation. Toxicology: Coating the nanoparticles in phosphates could prevent the toxic process!!

Silver Nanoparticles May Adversely Affect Environment!!

Nanoparticles Are in Our Food, Clothing and Medicine -- And No One Knows for Sure How Dangerous They Might Be!!

Widely used nanoparticles enter soybean plants from farm soil!!

Eating Nano: Processed Foods and Food Packaging Already Contain Nanoparticles—Some of Which Could Be Harmful to Our Health!!

Nanotechnology: Great Economic Potential but Serious Risks!!

NIST/UMass study finds evidence nanoparticles may increase plant DNA damage!!

Nano foods may go GM way due to lack of awareness: UK FSA!!

Nanoparticles: Boon or bane to our health?

Groundbreaking Nanoparticle Study: how nanoparticles are able to biomagnify in a simple microbial food chain!!

Nanoparticles Induce Changes of the Electrical Activity of Neuronal Networks on Microelectrode Array Neurochips!!

Did Chinese Factory Workers Die From Inhaling Nanoparticles?

Nanotechnology a Bigger Worry to Scientists than To Consumers!

Cancer tip -- Nanoparticles can damage DNA, increase cancer risk!!

Green Goo: The New Nano-Threat!

Some Journals that talk about Nanoparticles!

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