In Sept of this Year, I again went in search of the Elongated Spirostoma that I had collected 6 years before! A Photo of the Elongated Spirostoma is shown below!!

Here is a Larger Picture of the Elongated and May I add Slim Spirostoma!!!!

The Search area is in a Place Called 'Happy Valley'! It is located in Colorado! One Takes the Chief Hosa Exit on I-70! You then hike down to Beaver Brook Creek! You than hike up the North Slope from Beaver Brook! The Happy Valley Drainage, where I collect, is on the other side of the ridge at the top of the hike!

Unfortunately, I found no Elongated and Slim Spirostoma on this trip! However, I have added some video of the Organisms I did find there! These Videos were from the stoage tanks I keep outside! I collected the water specimums in Sept! I make these movies in Mid November! Some Spirostoma have begun to appear; but not the Elongated and Slim Spirostoma!!!


Motorized Feeding! - QUICKTIME 4!!!

Some other Protozoa in the Drainage Basin - QUICKTIME 4!!!

This Is A Wolfbat359 Production!!!

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This page last updated on November 24, 2001.