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Xerces Society has many articles on Bees!!

vc bvb Environmental Health News lists articles on Bee Colony Collapse!!

Bee The Change: Tips and Tools for Protecting Honey Bees!!

World first beehive technology!!

Wedderspoon sources the finest and most pristine Raw Manuka and Gourmet honey in the world!

Bumble Bee Watch - You can help record sightings of Bumble Bees!!!

Welcome To The Pollination Home Page - Lots of practical info on pollination, bees, pesticides, beneficial insects and much more for commercial fruit and vegetable growers, gardeners, beekeepers and everyone else!!!

Bee Culture - The Magazine of American BeeKeeping!!!

Welcome to Pollinator Paradise - Where bees and flowers cooperate for mutual benefit!!!

A citizen science project tracking the honey bee parasite Apocephalus borealis!!

Logan Bee Lab!!!

The Barefoot BeeKeeper!!

Humming for Bees!

TFeed A Bee!

Colony Collapse: The Mystery of the Missing Bees | Retro Report | The New York Times!

Bee and Pollination Links:!

The BEEZ NEEZ Apiary Supply!

Info on Bee Types and the Flowers for each Bee and area - Wholesale Seeds available for this!

This site is devoted to educating the public about beekeeping, honey bee biology, honey bee research around the country and the world!!!

Management of Wild Honey Bees!!!

Bees and Bee Keeping!

Bees in the City! How We Can Create Thriving Ecosystems for Urban Bees!

World's BeeKeeping Directory!

Beeginner Beekeeper!

Scientific Bee Keeping!!

The Great British Bee Count!

Bumble Bee Watch!

The Tree Bee Society of Great Britian!

Zach's Bee Photos [(c) Zachary Huang]!

Alternative Pollinators: Native Bees!

ZomBee Watch!

Center for Food Safety and Beyond Pesticides have joined forces to launch the BEE Protective Campaign, aimed at protecting honey bees and other pollinators from pesticides!

Bee Decline May Spell End of Some Fruits, Vegetables!

Flowers. Which Flowers can you plant in your garden to help bees? A planting list with photos.

In the Garden: How B.C. gardeners can give bees a boost!

Everything you wanted to know about the bee die-off!

Flow™ Hive - "It's Literally Honey on Tap Directly From Your Beehive!

Beekeeper Starting Kits!!

The honey bees are disappearing, and this time we can’t just find a cure for a virus to save them. (via Fandor)

Center for Food Safety and Beyond Pesticides have joined forces to launch the BEE Protective Campaign!

People on Reddit (Some Expert) discuss the Honey Flow concept!

People on Reddit Science discuss bees in relation to pesticides!

Colorado State Beekeepers Association!!

Bee Informed!

The Pollinator Partnership is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization and the largest in the world dedicated exclusively to the protection and promotion of pollinators and their ecosystems!

Harlequins Garden - WHERE the BEES ARE!

Harlequins Garden - ANNOUNCING the new Harlequin’s Gardens BEE BARN & our new WHERE the BEES ARE Bi-Monthly Reports!

Bee News!

Can a Drone Do the Work of Honeybees?

FOX: Thousands of Dead Honey Bees Wash Ashore On Popular Florida Beach!

Honeybees let out a ‘whoop’ when they bump into each other!

First Bumblebee Species Declared Endangered in U.S.!

Trump Administration Sued for Suspending Protections for Endangered Bumble Bee!

Wild Bee Decline Threatens US Crop Production – New Mapping Study!

Why Did Donald Trump Get Elected? Ask the Bees!

It's the diversity of pesticides, not the types or doses, that may be killing bees!

Bee-2-b !

Bees lured into boosting food supply!

Bumblebees Pick Infected Tomato Plants!

Bee-harming pesticides are declining at plant nurseries, report shows!

A Day for the Honey Bee!

A Swarm of Controversy In Their Struggle for Survival Against Killer Mites, Bees Get an Unlikely Ally: Monsanto

In a fight between environmentalists and farmers, the bees lose. And that stings!

‘Like it’s been nuked’: Millions of bees dead after South Carolina sprays for Zika mosquitoes!

US beekeepers fear for livelihoods as anti-Zika toxin kills 2.5m bees

In the honey capital of America, bees are adapting, too!

Study: Scientists That Won’t Link Pesticides To Bee Deaths Are Often Funded By Agrochemical Industry!

Chasing the rarest bumblebee in the world!

Threat to honeybees as Asian hornet's arrival on UK mainland confirmed!

Bee Venom Destroys HIV Cells, Finds Washington University Study

This Bumble Bee Is About to Go Extinct!

Wildflowers planted to aid bees may be crippling them!

Local novice beekeepers do their part to fight colony collapse!

These Pesticides Could Be Birth Control for Bees!

World's First Urban Bee Highway Helps Save Pollinators!

Study: How male bees battle STDs!

The struggle to kee bees alive!

2.6 Million Dead Bees Delivered to EPA Headquarters!

Bees Learn While They Sleep!!

Amazing Time-Lapse: Bees Hatch Before Your Eyes!

The Last, Best Refuge for North America's Bees!

Bee-powered technology uncovers sub-lethal effects of pesticides

4 Things You Can Do to Help Out Threatened Honey Bees!

Scientists Find Genes That Let These Bees Reproduce Without Males

Can 'backyard beekeepers' solve the bee crisis?

Rising atmospheric CO2 is reducing the protein concentration of a floral pollen source essential for North American bees!

Deciphering the mysterious decline of honey bees!

Honeybees pick up 'astonishing' number of pesticides via non-crop plants!

Thermosolar Hive: healthy bees & healthy honey!

Nation’s Beekeepers Lost 44 Percent of Bees in 2015-16!

This Stings: Winter Death Rate for America's Bees Jumps!

Where Did All of the Honey Bees Go?

Banned pesticides 'not equally harmful' to bees!

Honey bees: ASU researchers' study may help improve lifespan!

The hidden health benefits of bee stings!

Are pesticides changing how bees forage? !

Florida State Beekeepers Association to Raise $1.2 Million for New Bee Research Laboratory at University of Florida!

This is What Dessert Looks Like without Pollinators!

Time stack photography of bees entering and exiting their hives!

Pesticides, Honeybees, and Political Influence!

Minnesota Beekeepers Compensated for Bee Kills from Pesticide Drift!

Maryland to become first state to ban bee-killing pesticides!

Dead Bees Tell a Tale of Dozens of Pesticides!

Low Doses of Pesticides Found to Harm Wild Bees!

Parasite-Pathogen Partnership!

Feds agree to consider West's bumblebees as an endangered species!

Are the Plants You are Planting to Help Bees Actually Killing Them?

Nicolas Trainerbees, the Beekeeper That Has Managed to Get His Bees to Make Honey with Cannabis Resin!

CATCH THE BUZZ – Weighing the Costs and Benefits of Pesticide Use!

Why did my honey bees die?

European Scientists Discover Bee Resurgence After Banning These 3 Pesticides Still Used in The US!

New method finds 57 pesticides in poisoned honey bees!

Absurd Creature of the Week: The Huge, Bee-Decapitating Hornet That Can’t Survive Group Hugs!

Let dandelions grow. Bees, beetles and birds need them!

Honeybees know it’s going to rain, so work more before it starts!

3D Printed Honeycomb Saves Bees Time and Energy!

Shock finding: More than 75 percent of all ‘honey’ sold in grocery stores contains no honey at all, by definition!

CCD Poster Boy David Hackenberg Loses 90% of His Bee Hives!

Native Bee Populations on Decline on U.S. - The continuation of this crisis threatens the stability of ecosystems and the economy.

What can you do with 300,000 dead bees?

The Role of Pollen Bees in Fruit Tree Pollination and Some New Cautions on Pesticide Use!

Bee Health Research at Blue Dasher Farm!

Neonicotinoids: Designed To Kill!

Bee Health Research at Blue Dasher Farm!

Morgan Freeman Is Concerned About Mass Die-Offs. This Is What He’s Doing About It (It’s Pretty Amazing)!

This Bee-Killing Pesticide Is Terrible at Protecting Crops!

Wild bees on the decline in key US agricultural ecosystems – study

Scientists determine how to control parasite without harming bees!

USDA surveying beekeepers, farmers on health of honey bee colonies!!

This map shows where wild bees are in decline!

Beehive Fences in Africa Save Farmers and Their Crops!

This Woman Wears Thousands of Swarming Bees—to Meditate - Sara Mapelli, or the Bee Queen, dances with the insects to help people reconnect with nature!

EPA says pesticide harms bees in some cases!

Bees and their Importance!

Home Depot to phase out bee-killing pesticides!

Bees and pesticides 'missing link' found!

These Himalayan Bees Make Psychedelic Honey

The Threat of Colony Collapse Disorder to Our Food Supply is Real!

Neonicotinoids: new warning on pesticide harm to bees !

Bee expert: USDA punished me for research on pesticides

For the First Time Ever, a U.S. Food Company Commits to Phasing Out Bee-Killing Seed Coatings!

Bees found farming fungus for first time to feed larvae!

Buzzing bees can't resist caffeinated nectar!

The big buzz in Hollywood is legalized backyard bees.

Can This Queen Breeder Save the Bees?

Honey bee queens highly vulnerable to two neonicotinoid insecticides!

Bumblebees Have A New Job: Delivering Organic Pesticides!

Honeybees Are Facing a Global Threat, and If They Go, So Do We!

For the First Time, U.S. Considers Declaring a Bee Endangered!

This special dog is saving our bees. She's the only one that can.!

The Bees Have Their Day in Court—and Win Big!

Federal Court to EPA: No, You Can’t Approve This Pesticide That Kills Bees!

The humble bumble gets its own day of gratitude!

Pollinator Power: Nutrition Security Benefits of an Ecosystem Service!

.Wild Science: Will climate change force bees to miss flower season?

.Bees and flowers have a special relationship, and climate change is screwing it up.

.Climate change shrinks bumblebee’s range

List of Pesticides To Avoid If You Want To Help Save The Bees.

Bees in jeopardy: The real cost of pesticides.

Q&A: Bee crisis stinging world food production

Bee crisis: Are mites or neonics the real culprit?

A Hive of Activity Atop the Barclays Center

Beekeepers try to keep bees — and livelihoods — from going extinct!

Good news for bees is good for us, too: Editoria!

Could A Mushroom Save The Honeybee?

What Is Killing America's Bees and What Does It Mean for Us?

Insecticide found in half of sampled U.S. streams. Concern over bees, other non-target insects!

What Is Killing America's Bees and What Does It Mean for Us?

Guest Blog: Pollinators & the rigged neonic seed market!

Pesticides linked to bee decline for first time in a countrywide field study!

Oilseed rape pesticide linked to UK honeybee deaths, study finds!

Scientists turn to 'bee-tags' to help halt the honey bee apocalypse

Banned pesticides pose a greater risk to bees than thought, EU experts warn

Bees behind bars give prisoners a second chance

Are we facing a ‘world without wild bees’?

‘Bee hotels’ give solitary pollinators rooms of their own.

Surprisingly Few ‘Busy Bees’ Make Global Crops Grow!

Why are bees hurting? A lineup of suspects!

New Study: Honeybees Will Replace Drug-Sniffing Dogs!

Norway is Building a Highway for Bees

Death and Extinction of the Bees!

Here’s the real thing killing bees: Us!

Bee Buzz!

A new theory for why the bees are dying off!

Colony Loss 2014 – 2015: Preliminary Results!

Burt Shavitz, Scruffy Face of Burt’s Bees, Dies at 80!

Why crushing bees into soup could actually help them

Not Pesticides, Climate Change Is Putting The Squeeze On Bumblebees

What can we learn from individually tagging 960 bees? A lot!

Climate Change Is Shrinking Where Bumblebees Range, Research Finds!

Researchers Hope Kansas Bee Hotel Will Educate, Start Conversation About Native Bees!

Bees recruited by scientists to monitor air pollution. The static electricity produced by bees means that airbourne particles stick to their wings and body !

Editorial Want to help the bee populations? Grow a variety of flowers!

Why the bee crisis isn’t as bad as you think (but still matters)!

Are Scientists Exposing Bee Death Epidemic Facing Censorship and Threats?

The Blight of the Honey Bee!

Bees feeding on fungicide-dosed flowers develop health issues, studies say!

Are bees getting dementia?

Protect more bee species to safeguard crops, say scientists

The Buzz on Bees With Alzheimer’s Disease!

Are bee hotels the answer to saving a species?

5 ways to tackle the mess that bees are in!

Holy Shit! Almonds Require a Ton of Bees!

Honey Bee Solutions!

'The Bees Can't Wait': White House Plan to Save Pollinators Falls Short, Say Experts!

Quest for a Superbee!

Bee-killing pesticides: The fight ramps up!

U.S. to halt expanded use of some insecticides amid honey bee decline!

U.S. to halt expanded use of some insecticides amid honey bee decline!

Is This the Most Bee-Friendly City in America?

Checking in? This 'bee hotel' could save the forest!

Bumblebees differentiate flower types when arranged horizontally but not vertically!

EPA Restricts Use of Pesticides Suspected of Killing Bees!

Portland Bans Insecticide to Protect Declining Honey Bees!

Pesticides Linked to Honeybee Deaths Pose More Risks, European Group Sayst

A tenth of Europe's wild bees risk extinction: report

The environment may change, but the microbiome of queen bees does not!

Honey on Tap: A New Beehive that Automatically Extracts Honey without Disturbing Bees!

Now Cleared for Landing at Airports: Bees!

Nature's 'medicine cabinet' fights bee disease!

Can mushrooms save the honeybee?

Urban habitats 'provide haven' for bees!

Parasitized honey bees discovered for first time in mid-Atlantic region!

Got Bees? Got Vitamin A? Got Malaria? Risk of Malnutrition Research shows loss of pollinators increases risk of malnutrition and disease!

Shedding Light on Three Big Lies About Systemic Pesticides and Bees!

Why stressed young bees’ early start to foraging can lead to colony collapse!

Researchers confirm that neonicotinoid insecticides impair bee's brains!

Bumblebee's Brain Impaired by Widely Used Insecticide!

Pests invade Europe after neonicotinoids ban, with no benefit to bee health!

7 Interesting Facts About Honeybees!

EPA report confirms bee-killing pesticides don’t help many farmers!

Save the Honeybee, Sterilize the Earth!

More Than 100 Businesses Call On White House To Protect Bees From Pesticides

Diet affects pesticide resistance in honey bees

A warming world may spell bad news for honey bees!

Honey Is Discovered To Boost Bees’ Immune Systems!

The sorrow of bees. Scientists torturing bees to save them have nightmares about the work. Must grief be part of experimental design?

Pollution May Cause Problems for Pollinators!

Bees and Wasps in Britain Have Been Disappearing For More Than a Century!

Why did 37 million bees fall out of the sky? Mystery of mass insect death puzzles experts!

Diet affects pesticide resistance in honey bees!

EPA: Those Bee-Killing Pesticides? They're Actually Pretty Useless!!


Did Scientists Just Solve the Bee Collapse Mystery?

Goddamnit: There Are Colony Collapse Disorder Deniers!!

Bee researchers raise more warning flags about neonicotinoid pesticides. Neonicotinoid build-up is contributing to collapse of colonies, researchers say. Not everyone agrees!!

Bee The Change: Tips and Tools for Protecting Honey Bees!!

Why are honey bees declining?

Pesticides Destroy Bees' Ability to Carry, Pollen,Protein!!

USDA Spending $3M To Feed Struggling Bees In Midwest!!

Bumblebees infected with honeybee diseases!!

How to make a bee friendly garden!!

Do your bit for bumblebees - Article tells how you can spot and record Bumble Bees to a web site!!!

Do your bit for bumblebees - Article tells how you can spot and record Bumble Bees to a web site!!!

The secret lives of native bees!!

Common crop pesticides kill honeybee larvae in the hive!!

First We Fed Bees High-Fructose Corn Syrup, Now We've Given Them a Killer Virus?

Bees exposed to neonic pesticides suck at gathering pollen!!

Zombee' Apocalypse? Parasitic Infestation Found in Vermont Honeybees!!

Research led by Wayne State discovers single gene in bees separating queens from workers!!

Pesticides halve bees' pollen gathering ability, research shows!!

London hosts first Bee Health Summit to tackle environmental crisis!!

Bee Minus: Pesticides Shrink Baby Bumblebees!!

New virus linked to bee colony collapse disorder!!

Bee-harming pesticides may impact human nervous system!!

The Mystery of Bee Colony Collapse!!

Why The Death Of 37 Million Bees Matters To You!!

New Studies Confirm Pesticide Exposure Major Contributer to Declining Honey Bee Populations!!!

A surge in urban beekeeping may be doing more harm than good to honeybee populations!!

Silence of the Hives - America’s honey bees are dying in droves, and colony collapse disorder is the least of our worries!!

“Bee-friendly” plants could be bee killers!!

Two New Studies Address the Ongoing Plight of Honeybees!!

Illinois illegally seizes Bees Resistant to Monsanto's Roundup; Kills remaining Queens!!

A Farewell to Beekeepers: Michigan Loses the Right to Farm!!

Beyond Honeybees: Now Wild Bees and Butterflies May Be in Trouble!!

List of Foods We Will Lose if We Don't Save the Bees!!

Over 30 Million Bees Found Dead In Elmwood Canada!!

Decline of bees forces China's apple farmers to pollinate by hand!!

Follow the Honey: 7 Ways Pesticide Companies Are Spinning the Bee Crisis!!

Michigan beekeepers breeding hardier "survivor bees"!!

To Save Bees, Minn. Growers & Gardeners Are Switching Pesticides!!

Bee Killers Sponser National Pollinator Week!

Distribution and decline of British bumble bees!

Vamishing of the Bees!

Bee research tainted by corporate funding, MPs say!

Blamed for Bee Collapse, Monsanto Buys Leading Bee Research Firm!


Sweet victory for Mexico beekeepers as Monsanto loses GM permit!

Bee Foraging Chronically Impaired by Pesticide Exposure: Study!

As Honeybees Die Off, First Inventory of Wild Bees Is Under Way!

How plants may be evolving to the lack of bees!

Australian spider venom could help save bees!

You’re Worrying About the Wrong Bees!

Bees declared extinct 30 years ago take to UK skies again – thanks to farmers!

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