Monsanto and Prop 37 + Related Videos and Articles Post Election!

Prop. 37 Backer Keeps Fighting Monsanto!

Why Are Environmentalists Taking Anti-Science Positions?

The Food Movement Takes a Beating!

How Monsanto Flipped the Vote!

Prop 37 - Your right to know!! Corporate Charlatans versus organic heros!

Organic Consumers Association Calls for Boycott of Organic Brand Parent Companies That Helped Defeat Prop 37!

Home » PAN BlogTwo things about California's GE labeling fight!

Prop 37 Defeated: Next Steps For GMO Labeling!

Failure Of Prop 37: Why The Election Was A Success For Monsanto!

Voters and FBI put on alert: Massive deceptions found in the No on 37 campaign, all documented!

This election will be the food movement's moment of truth, says Michael Pollan!

Appetite For Profit - Web Site of Michele Simon - Great Articles on Prop 37 on Home Page!

Farmers speak out for GE labeling!

Faith and GMOs: Christian, Jewish, and Hindu Congregations Urged To Vote Yes On 37!

National Gourmet Institute for Health, Culinary Art!

GMOs at the Polls: 7 Things to Tell Your Friends Before Election Day - Americans are the world’s GMO guinea pigs, say Frances Moore Lappé and Anna Lappé. But California’s ballot initiative on labeling GMO foods would give everyone the choice to change that for themselves!

Why I'm Voting Yes on Prop 37: Label Genetically Modified Foods!

A Geneticist's Take on California's Prop 37 - This is a guest post by geneticist and author Belinda Martineau, who was a principal scientist at Calgene Inc., where she helped commercialize the world's first genetically engineered whole food, the Flavr Savr tomato!

I'm a molecular geneticist who helped commercialize the world's first genetically engineered whole food. I wholeheartedly support providing Californians with information about whether the foods in their grocery stores have been genetically engineered. I believe this issue is now best left to lay society to examine!

Why California Needs Prop 37: Center for Food Safety’s Position on the Food Labeling Initiative!

Food Fight: Debating Prop 37, California’s Landmark Initiative to Label GMO Food!

California GMO measure may fail after food industry fights back!

Unmasking the No on Prop 37 Lies and Dirty Tricks!

Michael Pollan: California’s Prop 37 Fight to Label GMOs Could Galvanize Growing U.S. Food Movement!

Prop 37 and the Demise of an Unsustainable Food Production System!!

Prop. 37 on GMO-Labeling: The Referendum, The Propaganda, Its Backers & Their Lies - Presented without comment!!

Statement by the AAAS Board of Directors On Labeling of Genetically Modified Foods - Just how extensive is the testing of GMOs?!

Serving Science or Monsanto? Timing of AAAS statement on GMO labeling is highly suspicious!

As a group of scientists and physicians that includes many long-standing members of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), we challenge the recent AAAS Board of Directors statement opposing efforts to require labeling of foods containing products derived from genetically modified crop plants. Their position tramples the rights of consumers to make informed choices!

Is a major science group stumping for Monsanto?

AAAS Captured from the Top Down

AAAS Statement: Serving Science or Monsanto?

“Expert” Detractors on California Prop 37 are Shills for Big Biotech

California Newspaper Editorial Boards Spread False Claims and Faulty Logic on Proposition 37

Comes to Food, How Does Your Lawmaker Stack Up? » Yes on California’s Proposition 37: A Vote to Bring Food to the National Agendat!!

Debunked: 6 Lies That Biotech and Big Food Are Telling Voters Monsanto and the rest of the Biotech and Big Food gang have been pounding the California airwaves with nearly $36 million worth of boldface lies and twisted truths!

Could Prop. 37 Kill Monsanto's GM Seeds? Big Ag is spending millions to keep labels off genetically modified foods in California—and with good reason.

It's In Your Food: GMO - Your Right to Know Forum with Jeffrey Smith (full version) !

Food MythBusters Takes on “Feeding the World” Myth - Stick with me!

Buying the Vote on G.M.O.’s!

The NO on Prop 37 Campaign: Debunking the Lies!

No on Prop. 37 ads aim to scare voters!

Tom Malterre, MS, CN, talks with Jeffrey Smith about how genetically modified (GM) foods in our diet may be contributing to the huge increase of gluten sensitivity and gluten intolerance in the US and Canada!

Just Label It - the GMO labeling song by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger!

Trust Us!

History Of Monsanto!

Animated 1-minute video on GMOs: Supermarket Sweep!

Pesticide Industry Backed Opponents of GMO Labeling Get Criminal in California!

Jeffery Smith on the Dr. OZ show!

Do Genetically Engineered Foods Promote Gluten Intolerance (Or Interfere with Treatment)?

Old Man Santo Had a Farm

Question What's Inside - A NEW Music Video on GMO's!

One Minute Animated Cartoon on GMOs

Tale of Two Scientists - Vote Yes on Prop 37

Biggest opponents of labeling GE food? Pesticide corporations.

See this brilliant, funny celebrity packed video on GMOs and Prop 37 labeling in California. Share with everyone!

Tom Newmark Don't Believe Monsanto:

Monsanto, Hershey’s Kisses, and Prop 37:

The Non-GMO Theater Returns

Vote Yes on Proposition 37!


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