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Trump’s Wall 'Would End Any Chance of Recovery for Endangered Jaguars' !

Conservation Comment: Big Ag threat to food diversity!

Obama’s mixed impact on endangered species

The 15 Most Ridiculous Things That Media Figures Said About Environmental Issues in 2016!

455 million year old species in danger of becoming extinct!

The deadly flint river!

The Most Dangerous Place on Earth to Be an Environmentalist!

Trees may increase air pollution on city streets!

World's mammals being eaten into extinction, report warns!

Factory Farms Get Bigger, Pollution Grows, but Regulators Don't Even Know Where They Are!

With possibly as few as 4,000 snow leopards surviving in the wild, a new report from TRAFFIC has found that hundreds of the endangered big cats are being killed illegally each year across their range in Asia's high mountains!

100 Years Ago 100,000 Tigers Roamed the World, Now There Are Fewer Than 4,000!!

What’s in a Name? Understanding Botanical Nomenclature!

Why Natural Gas Is a Bridge Fuel to Nowhere!

Norway to Kill 47 of Its Remaining 68 Wolves!

'Erin Brockovich' Carcinogen in Tap Water of More than 200 Million Americans!

Farming mega-mergers threaten food security, say campaigners!

Your Laundry Is Worse For The Environment Than You Think!

How Nuclear Power Causes Global Warming!

Hydropower isn’t carbon neutral after all, WSU researchers say!

First evidence of deep-sea animals ingesting microplastics!

Damning Probe Finds EPA 'Turning Blind Eye' to Toxic Chemical Cocktails!

DNA Study Reveals the One and Only Wolf Species in North America!

How invasive plants influence an ecosystem!

How purple bacteria could help save amphibians in the Rockies!

The World’s Top Predators Are Dining From Dwindling Menus!

How Tiny Pieces of Plastic in Our Oceans Are ‘Terrifying’!

Plastic hurting Canada’s loons, ducks and geese!

The unintentional exotic-pet bio-attack on US shores!

Human Consumption of Earth's Natural Resources Has Tripled in 40 Years!

Don’t Get Burned by Misinformation About Dead Trees and Wildfire!

Earth’s resources used up at quickest rate ever in 2016!

These Eerie Images Show How Humans Reshaped the West!

Let them eat bugs: US startup sees future of sustainable food in creepy crawlies!

How millions of trees brought a broken landscape back to life!

Infectious shellfish cancers may jump across species

Thanks to seed savers, Glass Gem corn exists!

Fossil fuel companies impose more in climate costs than they make in profits!

Scientist: Fossil fuels’ two-way assault on children’s health needs to stop !

Opinion: A solution to the challenge of land-disposed sewage sludge!

Pink Snow a Bad Sign for the Future, Scientists Say!

There’s Nothing Average About This Year’s Gulf of Mexico ‘Dead Zone’!

Summer reading for the enviro science crowd!

Tiny sea creatures are saving us from hell on earth. So why are we endangering them?

Scientists say that ‘nature,’ untouched by humans, is now almost entirely gone!

Endocrine disruptors: The secret history of a scandal!

Global farmland deals now cover area the size of Finland - campaigners!

Why is this liberal congresswoman spreading anti-solar arguments?

EPA Proposal Allows Radiation Exposure in Drinking Water Equivalent to 250 Chest X-Rays a Year!

Norway becomes first country to ban deforestation

From Flint to Yucca Mountain, politicized regulators are doing harm!

Whistleblower Says EPA Officials Covered Up Toxic Fracking Methane Emissions for Years!

Poison packed Crops are becoming toxic to withstand extreme weather condition!

Seven deadly poisons – and a law that won't protect you fast enough!

Last Night's House Republican Defense Authorization Bill Will Open Great Lakes to Invasive Species!

Michigan conservatives make it ILLEGAL for Coastal Muskegon to clean its waterways!

Bark Beetles Are Decimating Our Forests. That Might Actually Be a Good Thing.

Latest: Elk, not bison, are spreading disease near Yellowstone!

Millions of Dead Fish Washing Up on Vietnam’s Shores!

America’s Sickest Wetlands Are in the West, EPA Finds!

Love Canal: The toxic suburb that helped launch the modern environmental movement!

Bleaching away ocean life!

Air pollution doesn’t just make breathing harder for humans. In the Pacific, fish are choking, too.

Here’s how Arizona residents are reacting to foreign water mining!

Why I’m fighting foreign garlic growers and their U.S. allies!


President Obama has proposed revising power guidelines that may affect eagles, not issued a "kill order" for thousands of them!

Beer Company Develops Edible Six-Pack Rings That Feed, Rather Than Kill, Marine Life!

Humans damaging the environment faster than it can recover, UN finds!

When you start killing wolves, something odd happens!

Loss of vultures damaging for humans, ecosystem: study !

A creative way to fight Zika: infect mosquitoes so that they can't spread the disease!

What’s in those new plastic pipes delivering drinking water?

There Might Be 1 Trillion Species on Earth!

Don't blame the smelt: The salmon too reflects the dire state of the California Delta!

Environment Canada study finds land-based fish farms affecting ecosystem!

Duke Study: Rivers Contaminated With Radium and Lead From Thousands of Fracking Wastewater Spills!

This Former Fisherman Is Now Farming the Most Sustainable Food on Earth—Underwater

Why Are Fish Suddenly Dying By the Millions?!

Latest: California county cuts tie with Wildlife Services over predator killing!

Scientists Warn That You Could Be Inhaling Chemically-Laden Microplastic Particles!

Saving Amphibians: The Quest To Protect Threatened Species !

New UN report finds almost no industry profitable if environmental costs were included!!

The story behind Prince’s low-profile generosity to green causes!

Solar Impulse Pilot: ‘I Flew Over Plastic Waste As Big As a Continent’!

Tall tails: reports of global tiger increase not backed up by science!

Senate Takes Historic Bipartisan Steps for Conservation, Outdoorsmen & Women!

Scientists Confirm: 93% of Great Barrier Reef Now Bleached!

US and EU conservation funds failing to protect trees or people, claims report !

10 Years of Fracking: Its Impact on Our Water, Land and Climate!

Our Beleaguered Planet. The interaction of global climate change, poverty, affluence, and overpopulation

By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans, study says!

Grauer’s Gorillas May Soon Be Extinct, Conservationists Say!

Researchers fly over 8,000 well pads and find hundreds of methane leaks!!

Lead Isn’t the Only Threat to Drinking Water!

Antibiotic resistance 'could become bigger threat to mankind than cancer'

More plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050 — and other fun garbage facts!!

Does conserving species actually curb development?

Without wetlands, we're swamped!

What a Trump win would mean for the environment

Wildlife, conservation groups work to make fences wildlife-friendly!

Stop Eating Tilapia Fish Now. Read About The Disgusting Reasons Why!

New Green Challenge: How to Grow More Food on Less Land!

Saudi land purchases fuel debate over US water rights!

Earthquakes caused by oil drillers are now so common that the government just assumes they’re coming!

Group seeks to 'train the media,' sell public on chemicals!

Lack of seeds hampers Africa's ability to boost yields

The real reasons why people poach endangered species!!

Park Service to focus on whether to restore Isle Royale wolves

Cecil the Lion Shamers Discouraged $10,000,000 in Lion Conservation Funding - 200 Lions may have to be culled now!

Cecil the Lion Shamers Discouraged $10,000,000 in Lion Conservation Funding!

Most Urban Farmers Aren't Making a Living. The strong social mission of most urban farms might not be enough for longterm viability, a study suggests.

The Shocking Consequences of the World’s Meat Addiction!

Honduran Indigenous Organizer Berta Cáceres Assassinated in Her Home!

The Ecologist Who Threw Starfish. Robert Paine showed us the surprising importance of predators.

Wolves are already headed for Colorado. Let’s make it official!

Wolf Population No Longer Endangered: Fire When Ready!

Honduran Indigenous Organizer Berta Cáceres Assassinated in Her Home!

Map: 116 environmental activists were killed in just one yea

A drying Great Salt Lake spells trouble for Utah!

Regenerating degraded dir!

Two Billion People Eat Insects and You Can Too. Crickets and other edible insects are delicious, environmentally sound and high in nutritional value!!

Hidden cellphones in the rainforest are exposing illegal logging practices!

Don't rake your leaves, scientists say!

Opinion: Sadly, Malthus was right. Now what?

No, privatization is not the way to prevent the next Flint!

URGENT: Halt the Killing of Denali National Park Wolves!

Signing Polluter-Friendly TPP Trade Deal Is Gambling Away Our Future

Syngenta Megamerger Must Be Blocked!

Zika Reviving Decades-Old DDT Debate, but Here’s Why It’s Unfounded!

Disease, wolves top list of Minnesota moose killers!

Wolf management reaching new levels of success in region!

Sexual mutations in fish in protected waters raise alarm!

All the Ways Humans Try to Kill Mosquitos—and Why We’re Still Losing!

Obama administration seeks to curb methane emissions on public land!

Zooplankton Are Eating Plastic, And That’s Bad News For Ocean Life!

Plastic now pollutes every corner of Earth!

Flint’s water crisis reveals government failures at every level!

BLM rule to cut back methane waste draws quick fire!

Academics Disagree With Wildlife Biologists On Wolf De-Listing!

Study of sick bass in Susquehanna cites endocrine disruptors!

U.S. Government to Cull Hundreds of Yellowstone Bison This Winter!

U.S. wildlife officials reject protections for an Alaska wolf in decline!

Environmental Change Rate Unprecedented, Study Says!

Mexican Gray Wolves Don't Belong In Colorado, Commission Tells Feds!

Global mercury emissions down 30 percent as coal use drops: USGS

Polluters Attempt Yet Another Attack on Clean Water Rule!

To Save Its Salmon,California Calls In the Fish Matchmaker!

Baby fish may get lost in silent oceans as carbon dioxide rises!

In pitiful animal die-offs across the globe — from antelopes to bees to seabirds — climate change may be culprit!

Pcitures of the water the people of Flint were expected to drink!

Texas Sets New All-Time Wind Energy Record!

Academics Disagree With Wildlife Biologists On Wolf De-Listing

Responding to Religious Oppositions to Environmentalism!

US State Makes It Illegal To Collect Evidence Of Pollution On Public Property!

2015’s top 10 developments for the ocean!

From Poop To Power: Colorado Explores New Sources Of Renewable Energy!

Fracking Fluid Contains A Stew Of Known Toxic Chemicals -- And That May Not Be The Worst Of It - New research reveals fracking involves hundreds of toxins that may pose serious ills and many more that remain unstudied!

The FDA Just Banned These Chemicals in Food. Are They the Tip of the Iceberg?

Pumped Dry: The global crisis of vanishing groundwater!

Earth has lost a third of arable land in past 40 years, scientists say!

The Mining Burden: Why State Land Seizures Could Cost Billions!

Sask. environment ministry to issue 200 wolf-hunting licences!!

7 Beverages Found in Refillable Containers in Cascadia!!

Plan could end protections for gray wolves in California!!

14 Dirty Photos That Show Why Soil Matterst!!

This Scientist Uncovered Problems With Pesticides. Then the Government Started to Make His Life Miserable!

From above - Whistleblower Retaliation Narrative Dr. Jonathan Lundgren Senior Research Entomologist, USDA!!

These maps show changes in global meat consumption by 2024. Here’s why that matters!!

What If All of Earth's Insects Keeled Over?

Ethical Questions Arise After Scientists Brew Super Powerful 'SARS 2.0' Virus!!

China’s Wildlife Disappearing, New Report Says!!


Scientists to feds: Great Lakes wolves not endangered!

Where's the middle ground on wolves?!

The tremendous success of agroecology in Africa!!

Apocalypse Pig: The Last Antibiotic Begins to Fail!!

US loses WTO appeal in Mexican tuna dispute - Show what Internation Trade Treaties can do for a Nation = Bad News!

Why New Antibiotics Never Come to Market!!

Thompson, Manitoba: Wolf Capital of the World!!

Decline in land and marine species leaves less poo to fertilise the planet

Willing to pay the ultimate price to protect animals!

Some 3D printed objects are toxic, study reveals [Video]!!

Fighting Pests With Sound Waves, Not Pesticides. Researchers invent a device that uses acoustics to mimic the mating call of an insect devastating Florida’s orange groves.

How Harmful Are Introduced Species?

Greater than the sum of its parts - It is rare for a new animal species to emerge in front of scientists’ eyes. But this seems to be happening in eastern North America!!

Shocking Photos of Green Sea Turtle Killed by Ingesting Plastics and Other Marine Litter!!

Why the United States Leaves Deadly Chemicals on the Market!!

There are probably tiny pieces of plastic waste in your table salt!!

Huge mass of rubbish, including plastic bags and fishing nets, found in dead whale's stomach in Taiwan!

Do industrial agricultural methods actually yield more food per acre than organic ones?

Moose populations on alarming decline in North American parks!

These species survived the last ice age but couldn’t survive people!!

China Is Turning Its Fish Breeding Grounds Into Smartphone Factories!

At Sea, Merely Observing Can Be Risky Businesst!!

Study Faults E.P.A. for Toxic Wastewater Spill in Colorado Rockies!!

Plastic Litter taints the sea surface, even in the Arcti!!

This New Approach to Ranching is Bringing Grass Back to the Arid Southwest!!

What Happens When Your Antibiotics Don’t Work!!

Scuba Divers’ Haunting Photos Show Devastating Impact of Ocean Trash on Marine Life!!

Endangered Species Issues Pose Tension in Drought Response!

These 5 Countries Account for 60% of Plastic Pollution in Oceans!!

U.S., Alaska says will not seek additional $92 million from Exxon for Valdez spill!!

See this turtle's miraculous recovery after getting caught in a piece of litter!!

The Future of Global Development, Mapped. Urbanization, agriculture, and energy could gobble up 20 percent of the world’s remaining natural land by 2050!!

20 Haunting Photos Of Environmental Pollution!

Nice or Nasty? 9 Common House Spiders and How to Identify Them!!

Marine life halved: Brian Skerry's rare images of most endangered – in pictures!!

Hundreds of new species discovered in fragile Eastern Himalayan region!!

A Shifting Approach to Saving Endangered Species!!

Flies, worms and crickets crawl onto EU policymakers' menu!

Mustached Bird Photographed for First Time, Then Killed!

Premature birth and problem pregnancies near fracking wells!!

RED ALERT: This Is How You Spot Harmful Bleach And Chemical Laden Garlic From China!

Frogpocalypse: Ribbits Fade as Frog Species Go Extinct at Alarming Rate!

Think birth control access doesn’t matter to the planet? Watch this!

New Mexico Game Commission Rejects Federal Releases of Endangered Mexican Wolves in Gila National Forest !!

Rachel Carson’s Critics Keep On, But She Told Truth About DDT!!

Plastic-eating worms to ease pollution problems!

How to Restart an Ecosystem Economics and conservation are converging to resurrect one of the planet’s greatest parks!

Birds that flock to feeders are more likely to get sick, spread disease!

Saving the Environment from Environmentalism!!

How to Save Our Sick, Neglected Oceans!

This giant straw is actually a vertical bladeless wind turbine!

World Wide Fund for Nature says nearly half the world's marine animals wiped out in single generation!

On the Loss of Patriarchs - Working in Samburu National Reserve in Kenya introduced me to the devastating consequences that the recent ivory poaching crisis has wrought on the region’s male elephants.!!

AP Exclusive: Drilling boom means more harmful waste spills!!

What the What?! Farmer Sued by Company Who Destroyed His Family’s Land to Pump Crude Oil!!

Scientists link oil exposure to reduced survival of fish!!

Everything you always wanted to know about fish farming but were afraid to ask!!

Why 70 Percent of the World’s Seabirds Have Disappeared!!

Acids & alkalis in freshwater - Effects of changes in pH on freshwater ecosystems!!

US-appointed egg lobby paid food blogs and targeted chef to crush vegan startup!!

Monarch butterfly studies tell a perplexing tale.

6 Reasons That Floating Ocean Plastic Cleanup Gizmo is a Horrible Idea

Why shower precious resources on rescuing individual animals while habitats are destroyed and whole species disappear?

Google-powered map shows that deforestation isn’t just about the Amazon!!

Setting aside half the Earth for ‘rewilding’: the ethical dimension

New hope for saving vulture population.

Construction of world’s first large-scale vegetable ‘factory’ underway.

French farmers take park boss hostage over wolf attacks

Seeing the forest and the trees, all three trillion of them. Yale-led study finds there are 7 1/2 times more trees than previously believed.

Survival of Africa's wildlife - is it carved in stone?

Ecologists concerned over Suez expansion impacts/!

5 Things You Need to Know About the Public Land Heist/!


Pitcher plant in France eats bee-killing Asian hornets!

Farms Without Wildlife Don’t Produce Safer Food, Study Finds!

Our Extinction Problem May Be Far, Far Worse Than We Think!

Toxic Waste Has Turned This Colorado River Orange — And We’re Having Déjà Vu!!

Earth's frogs threatened by spreading tadpole disease!

Coal's Devastation!

Mining, Money, and Environmental Morals!

Compared to Colorado spill, local mine drainage extensive!!

Soil Not Meat: Overgrazing, War and Climate Change!!

Forest Service Official Who Let Nestle Drain California Water Now Works for Them!!

For some Yellowstone bison, the roaming ends at the slaughterhouse!!

How microbes can make plastic from sunshine, carbon, and a little bit of love!!

Male fish in North Carolina rivers found to have female parts !!

With a stunning 7 million acres burned so far, the U.S. wildfire situation is looking dire!

Plants that burn fastest in a wildfire!!

This chef built her reputation on seafood. How’s she feeling about the ocean now?!

How much plastic is in our oceans? Ask the woman trying to clean it up!

The GOP’s stunning new attack on America’s national forests!!

Is grass-fed beef better in a drought?


First wolf pack in decades spotted in Northern California!!

SunEdison Solar Farm Beats Gas With Biggest Colorado Project!!

Colorado Tried Methane Caps on Drillers, And They Worked!!

The deadly price of environmental activism!!

How to feed the world, with a little kelp from our friends (the oceans)!!

Paper critiques Savory HM ideas!!

!Vulture Populations Wane, Poisoned by Man!

Success story: Cleaner bluefish show effectiveness of US coal regulations, study says!!

Swamp power: how the world's wetlands can help stop climate change!!

How to fix America’s beef problems, in under 2 minutes!!

Farmed fish are breaking out of their pens at an alarming rate!

Over-grazing and desertification in the Syrian steppe are the root causes of war!!

Here's the horrifying reality we'll have to live in when antibiotics stop working!

Seed Freedom! A last chance to thwart the great African seed grab!

The desert-friendly cow!!

Canada - The Silencing Of Science!!

You're in Denial About How Many Animals Your Cat Kills!!

Environmentalists Attacked for Protecting One of the Ocean’s Most Endangered Animals!!

27 images that prove that we are in danger. #7 left my mouth open!!

As Many as 11,000 Sharks Are Killed by Humans Every Hour!!

How the West Overcounts Its Water Supplies!!

Drought Is Just the Beginning of Our Frightening Water Emergency!!

Sasser: What's to blame for the decrease in fireflies?

Where the River Runs Dry - The Colorado and America’s water crisis!!

Seabird population down 70 per cent around the world, say UBC researchers!!

Wind power generates 140% of Denmark's electricity demand!!

We Can’t Allow the GOP to Sell America’s Public Lands!!

USDA Says: Okay To Ship U.S. Chickens to China for Cheap Processing Then Back Home For You to Eat!!

Bill would defund EPA studies of Global Warming !!

A Little Fish with Big Impact In Trouble on U.S. West Coast!!

How Scott Walker Dismantled Wisconsin's Environmental Legacy!!

Bad News: Notorious Invasive Worm Just Found in U.S!!

Why rare-earth mining in the West is a bust - Forget the hype. In the global rush for energy-critical elements, our region can't compete.!!

Land and seed laws under attack as Africa is groomed for corporate recolonisation!!

Federal government ready to declare eastern cougar extinct!!

Scientists Build Case for 'Sixth Extinction' ... and Say It Could Kill Us!!

Biotech firm creates fake rhino horn to help save real rhinos!!

Fracking could pollute drinking water, EPA says!!

Environment News Service!!

Previous Mass Die-Offs of the Endangered Saiga Antelope Hint at a Warm, Wet, Weedy Culprit in Kazakhstan!!

Pollution ‘killing off marine life’!!

Unintended Consequences - How a law that failed to protect eagles could offer a lesson to save honeybees !!

Monarch butterfly's disappearance raises broader concerns!!

Microplastics worse for crabs and other marine life than previously thought, study shows!!

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