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I recently viewed a video, you will find below, that supposeably showed Afghan Police surrendering to a small Group of Tailban. Up to seventy Afghan police drove up to these Taliban to surrender their weapons and equipment. There were not many Taliban and they were armed. The police went out of their way to drive into the area these Taliban Fighters were located to surrender their weapons - after which the Taliban released the police. Now, I thought about this for a while and thought it was familar. Indeed in Vietnam, one day, my unit was assigned to a group of Regional Forces (Rough Puffs) of the South Vietnamese Army to help out in an ambush. I will put it that way. Anyway during this supposed ambush, the Regional Forces set up huge hammocks in which Fifteen to Twenty could sit or lay in. They also played music as loud as they could. Not your usual ambush I would say. Anyway, I though it was evident they did not want a fight. Amazingly no mortar fire was directed at out ambush! But it seems to me these Afghan Police also did not want to fight. Shades of Vietnam? So I decided to add a page on the Afghanistan situation!!

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  15. The Super Bowl of War: Three Decades of Failure in Afghanistan!!

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  44. AFGHAN POLICE SURRENDER TO TALIBAN: Here is a video demonstrating not that Afghanis like the Taliban but that at the moment they are not willing to fight them.

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  49. PHOTOSTREAM : TROOPS AND THE CHILDREN OF AFGHANISTAN. Check on the Right for other pics of Afghanistan..

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  57. Billions in US aid funneled away from Pakistani military - Is this any way to fight a war?

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